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Top 10 Things You Should Look for in Your Outdoor Lighting Company

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1. Make sure they are licensed and insured. Over 50% of the Outdoor Lighting and Landscape companies in the Atlanta Metro Area are not licensed or insured. This can cause problems with your insurance claims, should anything go wrong with the lighting system or should any damage occur to your home via an improperly wired lighting system. It is the law in Georgia for lighting companies to be licensed and insured. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives (OLP) of Atlanta holds a State of GA Unrestricted Low Voltage License and $2M in insurance.

2. Check their fixture warranties. As a minimum, the company’s fixtures should be warranted for life, their LED lamps warranted for 5 years, and their halogen lamps warranted for 1 year. A service warranty should be included in the first year also. This is OLP of Atlanta’s warranty.

3. Ask about checkup policies. The company you choose should be willing to do moves, additions, or changes to your lighting system for at least a week after the sale and installation. At OLP of Atlanta, it’s our policy to do moves, additions, and changes for up to 30 days after the sale. This ensures your satisfaction with our design.

4. Make sure you understand all installation methods. There is nothing worse than a contractor coming in a destroying the very landscaping you are trying to illuminate. We’ll work with you to make sure we take care of your landscape and outdoor features while installing your new lighting system.

5. Ask about their track record. Make sure your company has a track record of outstanding performance and has the financial backing to complete the job and stand by their work. OLP has been in the Atlanta area for over 15 years and has over 1000 customers with over 1500 installations. The Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchise has locations in over 40 cities worldwide and does over $50 million in sales each year.

6. Ask for examples of their work. OLP of Atlanta has multiple examples of homes and fixtures on our website. Please see http://atlantane.outdoorlights.com/ for more information.

7. Ask for a design proposal and quote before agreeing to any job or contract. Contractors should never ask you to pay more than 50% of the job up front and should ask for the other 50% after completion. OLP of Atlanta always submits a written proposal describing where the fixtures will be located and an associated pricing proposal showing the costs of the design.

8. Make sure their prices match the quality, warranty, and installation work. Prices vary from company to company, but the company you choose but should be in a range that matches the quality, warranty, and installation commensurate with their competitor’s product and services. OLP of Atlanta offers a price match guarantee for similar products and services in the marketplace. We’ll also match our competitor’s coupons and special offers. We take care to always provide the highest in quality services for the Atlanta area. We stand by our work, satisfaction guaranteed.

9. Make sure the company is professional. Design Engineers and Technicians should always be properly uniformed, notify you at least 30 minutes before arrival, and present you with proper identification upon meeting. This is our policy. Safety is a big concern at OLP of Atlanta and we go out of our way to be professional with our clients.

10. Ask for a warranty certificate and an itemized invoice. Upon completion of the installation, your contractor should present you with a warranty certificate and an invoice that matches everything that was installed, should anything go wrong in the future. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Atlanta, it’s our standard procedure to offer these documents to you as soon as our work is complete.

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In addition to meeting all the above criteria, we’re a veteran owned, all-in-one company, providing you with exceptional outdoor lighting design and installation. Owner Chuck Rich (pictured below) is an engineer by trade with 16 years of experience in the lighting industry and 25 years of Air Force service. For more information about our products and services, please contact us today! We’ll happily set up a consultation, free of charge.

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